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"Where is your Christian God?" Documenting An Armenian Genocide Survivor, Alma Sakaian:

"Where is your Christian God?" Alma Sakaian, a fifteen year old Protestant Christian Armenian, recalled hearing this question mockingly asked by perpetrators of heinous crimes upon her caravan. Alma was among the one hundred and fifty survivors of a sixty-five day forced march that witnessed over 17,850 casualties. I have documented two generations of Alma's immediate and extended family life, as well as recreating her caravan ordeal. The research includes hundred rare pictures, newspaper and magazine articles dating 1873 – 1924. In honor of the 100th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide I am providing links to the research for those interested in this important historical era and personal story.

Alma Sakaian, 1915 Armenian Genocide Survivor: "From Aghin" a Remembrance

1873 Armenians in Baku

1876 Early Protestant Missions and Missionaries in Harpoot (Kharpert)

Rev. Crosby H. Wheeler, D.D. founder Euphrates College 1878

Susan A. Wheeler, Crosby H. Wheeler & Emily C. Wheeler, Missionaries to Armenia

Friends of Armenia, Boston, Massachusetts USA 1894

1896 American Red Cross Relief Expedition to Armenia 1896 Part 1

1896 American Red Cross Relief Expedition to Armenia 1896 Part 2

1896 Letters From Scenes of the Recent in Armenia

Armenians celebrate first Thanksgiving, November 26, 1896 in Boston, Massachusetts

1898 "Illustrated Armenia and the Armenians"

1900 Maps of Armenian Plateau: From "The Crime of Christendom"

1900 Travel Through Five Turkish Provinces

Anatolia College: Marsovan, Turkey 1901

Armenia College: Renamed Euphrates College 1852-1915

Hamidian Massacre Orphans in Marsovan, Turkey 1901

1903 Armenian Pictures: Rare Pictures from 1903 Missionary Herald at Home and Abroad

Christmas 1904 Armenian Prayers and Fears

Emily C. Wheeler, Susan A. Wheeler & Rev. Crosby H. Wheeler: National Armenia & India Relief Association & Euphrates College

Moses Gulesian, Armenian Immigrant saves "Old Ironsides"

1906 Armenian Pictures: Rare Pictures From Missionary Herald

1907 The Desert and the Sown (Aleppo Governorate)

1908 Armenian Pictures: Rare Pictures Missionary Herald Magazine

1910 Armenian Pictures: Rare Pictures

1912 Armenian Pictures: Rare Pictures Missionary Herald at Home & Abroad

Murder of Rev. Charles H. Holbrook: Turkey, August 13, 1913

1913 Armenian Pictures: Rare Pictures from Missionary Herald at Home and Abroad

Late 1914 War I in Turkish Armenia Pictures: Missionary Herald at Home and Abroad

100 Year Old Armenian Refugee to America November 1914

Turkish Deportation Proclamation: June 28, 1915

1915 Martyred Professors of Euphrates College, Harpoot

Alma (Sakaian) Shahabian: 1915 Genocide Survivor

Alma Sakaian: 1915 Deportation Caravan Rte. PART I : The First 13 of 65 Days Forced March; Aghin to Malatia

Alma Sakaian: 1915 Caravan PART II Malatia to Samsat

Alma Sakaian: 1915 Caravan PART III Samsat to Ras Al Ayn

Photographs Sakaian Aghin Caravan Deportation Route June-Sept 1915 Aghin to Aleppo

Rare Armenian Postcards circa 1915

1915: The Railways of Syria and Palestine

1912-1915 Taurus Mts. & Adana [Construction of the Berlin to Baghdad Railway]

1915 Boston Globe Armenian Massacre Headlines April - October

1916 Armenian Pictures : Rare Pictures from Missionary Herald at Home and Abroad Magazine

Khanem Ketenjian (Armenuhi) - Armenian Resistance in Urfa 1915

Armenian Legion 1916 - 1920 : Legion d’Orient

Captain Jim Chankalian, Leader U.S. Volunteer Armenian Force WWI

America Aids Armenian Christmas 1896-1920

"The Helping Hand": National Armenian Relief Committee

1917 American Physician in Turkey Pictures: War & Peace

The New Armenia Magazine 1917 January - December Issues

Armenian Relief Pictures 1920-1922: The New Near East, Volumes 6-8
First Armenian Slave Girl Rescued February 1920

Armenian Girls Forced in Harems and Servitude

Secrets of the Harems: The Last Stronghold of Slavery

AUCTION OF SOULS:Aurora Mardiganian

American Cities Adopt Armenian Orphans


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