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Turkish Armenian Deportation Proclamation: June 28, 1915

Soon after the posting of the Deportation Proclamation in the village of Aghin, Alma Sakaian embarked in a caravan that was one of several instruments of death that resulted in the evacuation and elimination of Armenian communities throughout the country. Over 1.5 million Armenians met their death by massacre, murder, starvation, dehydration, torture and bestial brutality. Alma Sakaian, a young woman of 15 years of age, was among the 150 survivors of a caravan that numbered 18,000 men, women and children. She was the sole survivor of her immediate and extended family.

"From Aghin", is a screenplay co-written by my son and me. It is based on true events and historical documentation have that I researched over a span of 20 years. It is an accurate portrayal that will comply with the world standards to secure wide distribution and will honor the 100th Anniversary. I am interested to be contacted by readers and supporters that may be interested to promote distribution of the screenplay. The goal is to secure the interest of a film producer / director. Please feel free to contact me.

The 65 day forced march commenced in the regions of the Upper Euphrates valley. It traversed ancient roads along the Euphrates River, along the foot paths of the Taurus Mountains and over the uncharted sand dunes of the Syrian Desert.

From Aghin is not only Alma’s story of fortitude, acumen and survival instinct. It is woven with the determination of Samuel Sakaian, her uncle, a naturalized American citizen, who had immigrated to America with the intention to bring his family there. After the outbreak of WWI, Sakaian was determined to return to his homeland and rescue his family. Assisted by American consulate officers and missionaries, he covertly returns to Turkey to locate his family. Soon after his arrival he is informed that his entire immediate and extended are all dead, except for his niece, Alma.

Alma’s nature was to survive at any cost. Samuel’s obsession was to locate and rescue his brother’s daughter and return to America.

From Aghin is their story and is registered with the Writers Guild of America. 

Ara Sarafian is the founding director of the Gomidas Institute in London, which republishes English translations of Armenian texts related to the Armenian Genocide


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