Thursday, April 17, 2014

Armenian Girls Forced in Harems and Servitude

Military men, Turks, Kurds, and Arabs would either snatch or bribe the gendarmes escorting the deportation caravans and bring Armenian women, girls, and boys into their homes, and harems, as servants, slaves, wives, or concubines. Others were sent to state-run orphanages where a Turkification process was underway. Accounts from the deportation marches tell of mass mutilations and unimaginable sexual violence. Children were raped then shot, as they became unable to continue on the death marches. 

The “good looking” deportees were distributed among men in different villages. Girls were sent to high-level government officials for their sexual pleasure, and forced into orgies. The director of the Rescue Home, Karen Jeppe, stated that out of the thousands of women who came her way, only one had been spared sexual abuse, as Matthias Bjornlund notes in his article “A Fate Worse than Dying.” Excerpt  from Devilish Marks’ and Rape in the Time of Genocide by Nanore Barsoumian (Armenian Weekly)

Alma Sakaian, a 15 year old genocide survivor was sold into servitude by a slave trader. Read her story

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