Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Bonnet Case: 1853. A Glimpse into a Woman's world at the time

 In 1853, Foxboro's Union Straw Works became the world’s largest straw manufacturing operation in the world.  At this time the company employed more 3,000 factory and cottage industry workers involved in the sewing, braiding and pressing of straw hats and bonnets. The vast majority of these workers were women.  It was an era long before women were fighting for the right to vote or equal compensation in the work force.

The Bonnet Case was published on January 12, 1853 in the interest of the Ladies' fair, a typical means to raise money for causes. At this time, the group held activities in the Union Straw Works to raise funds for the completion of Rock Hill Cemetery, Foxboro's first public burial ground.

What I find interesting and affirming actually, is that throughout history, publication reveal that it is no secret that women are the most compassionate, industrious and peaceful of the sexes.

The Bonnet Case published several articles that provide the reader a glimpse of a women's view of the world life in a rural Massachusetts' town at the time. Enjoy if you wish.


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