Monday, October 28, 2013

Dad Teaches Matt Milhomme to Cast a Fishing Line

Walking in the woods along the shores of Sunset Lake this morning I called my son Matt. My youngest boy return yesterday from a work related trip to the Netherlands where he directed the video recording capture of an international conference. As I was talking to Matt I realized I was gazing at a spot in the middle of the lake where about 24 years ago I sat with him in a small row boat. It was soon after his birthday and Donna & I had gifted Matt a new "Zippo" fishing reel & rod. I was going to teach Matt how to "cast" his fishing line. He watched with great awe as I threaded the worm onto the hook. The big moment came when I told him to watch carefully as I showed him the mechanics of casting the baited line into the lake. What a proud moment – a dad teaching moment – as I placed my finger on the trigger and drew my arm back. With a great force I threw my arm forward... I released the trigger at the right moment and.... unfortunately I released my hold on the fishing rod too! There before our eyes went worm, line, reel and rod into the lake water and sank out of sight!

I smile as I write this because it is a gift of parenthood to look upon the facial expressions of our children. No matter the circumstance the gaze of a child is always in trust and love. As our children become the adults and parents in this world it is a gift to aging parents to be the gazers of trust and love upon our children.


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