Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Cardinal Richard James Cushing: Papal Legate, Santa Cruz, Bolivia, August 11, 1961

"To survive we must be united under God. We cannot find security in the selfish pursuit of pleasure, in competition for power, in an unjust societal order, in neglect of the poor,, or in a society where justice and charity are forgotten and the sovereignty of God and the dignity of man are not recognized. To live and work together in happiness and prosperity we must begin by loving one another and all mankind, even our enemies." 

Cardinal Richard James Cushing spoke these words in a homily delivered as Papal Legate celebrating the Solemn Pontifical Mass for the Eucharistic Congress held in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, August 11, 1961. Born on August 24, 1895, he served as Archbishop of Boston from 1944 to 1970, and was created a cardinal in 1958. He passed away on November 2, 1970.  


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