Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mandoza Milhomme and Eveline Rousseau

Though You Do Not Know Me,  
It Does Not Mean I Do Not Love You

 Mandoza Milhomme and Eveline Rousseau were my paternal grandparents. My father was 8 when his mother died, 12 when placed in an orphanage and 14 when his father died. He rarely spoke of his childhood. When he was dying of pancreatic cancer I researched his past. What I discovered has empowered me to better love and understand my father and myself as a man, husband and father.

I place this history before my children, Kayne, Toby, Tracy and Matthew as it happened, with no explanations or conjecture. May this historical account be life-giving words of generational love and confidence in their innate abilities to love and protect those whose lives they are responsible for.

This story begins in 1912, a century and several generations ago……

Mandoza Milhomme and Eveline Rousseau were married for thirteen years. During this time Eveline gave birth to eight children. Three of the children Mandoza, Alice Marie, and Cecile died within a few months of birth. A four child, Emile, died at the age of two. Four children lived to be adults: Marie Albertina, William, Henry and Albert. Eveline died from complications during the delivery of a still-born ninth child. After the death of Eveline, Mandoza’s life became an increasing tailspin of depression, self destructive behavior and alcoholism.  


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