Thursday, May 24, 2012

First Armenian Slave Girl Rescued February 1920

Many of the young Armenian girls that survived the 1915-1916 deportation caravans were abducted and sold into domestic servitude to wealthy Arabs. The story of Vartanousch is briefly described in the American news reports of the times. However, the story of Alma Sakaian, which I have researched for several years will be told in a screen play and novel titled "From Aghin." I am most interested to be contacted by individuals that believe a movie and a novel will foster awareness of the untold stories of this era. Please link to a collection of photos that document Alma's sixty-five day Caravan, abduction by slave traders and rescue by her uncle

Secrets of the Harems: The Last Stronghold of Slavery

American newspapers 1915-1922 reported on many facets of atrocities suffered by Armenian young women. Many Armenian survivor stories bespoke of abduction and harems. Mary Symons was a journalist of the era that reported on the subject.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

American Cities Adopt Armenian Orphans

Between 1920-1921 American cities and churches fully participated in the efforts to resettle Armenian Orphans throughout the United States. Many organizations participated by holding clothing drives for the orphans remaining overseas.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

AUCTION OF SOULS:Armenian Aurora Mardiganian

In 1919 a film title "Auction of Souls" was released. The film was based on a book entitled Ravished Armenia, the story of Aurora Mardiganian, who plays herself in the film. This first feature film on Armenia, was directed by Oscar Apfel in New York. The book Ravished Armenia was written by H. L. Gates, the story of Aurora Mardiganian published in 1918 in New York. It was produced by William N. Selig after a scenario by Nora Waln and Frederick Chapin with Mardiganian playing herself and Irving Cummings playing Antranig. A few feet of film are reportedly preserved in archives in Armenia. The Armenian and Syrian Relief organization sponsored the film and helped publicized it; posters and newspaper advertisements are preserved.